Very Sneaky Seasonal Virus Emails

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American Express Scam Email

American Express Scam Email

I just received several VERY SNEAKY season-related emails that have links to viruses in them.  Beware of emails from credit card companies (Amex in this case) that claim fraudulent charges or compromised account data.  The one listed here indicates that a “cardless transaction” to the online Apple Store was processed.  The key to avoiding this virus is noticing that the links in the email DO NOT point to the American Express website.  DO NOT click these links or open files they download to your computer.  If you’ve already done so, contact a computer professional immediately before more damage is done.

Most phishing schemes and virus emails come from known, but unexpected companies (FedEx, UPS, PayPal, etc.).  If you didn’t purchase anything recently, it might raise enough suspicion for you to double-check the email before clicking any links.  This time of year, people are ordering more online, and even expect to be notified of potential fraud.  This creates a ‘perfect storm’ for even savvy users to fail.

We suggest that you hover your mouse over the links in the email to see where they point BEFORE opening them. Hovering over (not clicking) links in an email or website will typically display a small window with the destination address.  Even if an email looks legitimate, we still recommend manually typing in the company’s website in your web browser instead of clicking links in emails.  (i.e., open your web browser and type

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