Amplitude Managed Service Plans

ProSysCon is proud to announce our new Amplitude Managed Services Platform (MSP) contracts.

The heart of our new Amplitude Platform is powerful network management and monitoring software.  It allows us to automate routine maintenance tasks like inventory, updates and revision control. It also allows us to monitor event logs, malware software and system resource utilization.  Any issues detected on client equipment are automatically reported to our secure server.  In some cases, we can even fix problems before you even know they exist.

In addition to reducing costly downtime, our Amplitude Platform also helps stabilize expenses for our clients because it’s billed at a flat monthly rate per device.  There are four different levels of managed services to choose from:  Pulse, Peak, Primary & Power.  Each offers a different service level agreement based on what type of support you need and when you need it.

Workstation Plans
PC Management

Monthly Price Per Workstation





Initial Installation & Configuration
(per physical network location)
$499 $499 $499 $499
Multi-Tier Support
(and Guaranteed Response Times)

Monitoring & Updates Only (No Support Included)
Tier 1 1 – User Preferences & Basic Configuration
Tier 2 2 – Mid-Level Support & Configuration
Tier 3 3 – Advanced Support & Configuration
20% Discount on all Time & Materials Rates
Maintenance & Updates
Desktop Update & Patch Management
Real-Time Windows Log Monitoring & Alerts
Active Resource Utilization Monitoring
Included Support
Unlimited * Phone Support
Unlimited * Remote Desktop Support
Microsoft Operating System Support
Microsoft Desktop Application Support
3rd Party & Advanced Application Support
Unlimited * Onsite Support
After-Hours & Weekend Support
Managed Spyware & Adware Protection
Remote Anti-Virus/Spyware Removal Included
Email Spam & Anti-Virus/Scanning
 w/Outbound Encryption
Disaster Recovery
Remote Offsite Cloud Backup w/Carbonite Optional Optional Optional
Reporting & Advisory Services
Monthly Workstation Health Reports
Desktop Optimization & Recommendations
Electronic Asset Inventory
End-Point Purchasing & Upgrade Advice

* – Unlimited Support applies to the multi-tier support services included with that plan. See individual plan details for types of services included and guaranteed response times. Services not included with a plan will be invoiced at standard Time & Material rates. Amplitude Platform users receive a 20% discount on standard Time & Material rates.

1 – Tier 1 Services include User Preference settings (screensavers, desktop images, icon placement, desktop themes, etc.), Default PC Settings (for printers, document locations, shortcuts & favorites) and Application Settings (general settings, web favorites & security settings). These are typically preferences, not problems.

2 – Tier 2 Services include any issue resulting in single application or peripheral failure, installation of new basic peripherals (printers, scanners, keyboard/mouse, monitor, external drives & other USB devices), configuration of a new user on an existing PC, and mid-level troubleshooting (email client issues, user profile corruption, PC slowness, backup problems, etc.). These are services related to configuration and troubleshooting that are typically handled by a computer savvy person in the office with remote assistance.

3 – Tier 3 Services include any issue resulting in multiple application or peripheral failures, computer not booting, core component failures (motherboard, processor, memory, power supply, video card, network card, hard drive). These are services that require advanced troubleshooting and/or repair by a trained IT professional.

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